Lonely The Brave – Scala London

I kind of got lucky and got some last-minute tickets to the ‘Lonely The Brave‘ show last night at the Scala in London as part of ‘The Big Cheese Tour’.

Sold out Scala, this was going to be nice. It was packed, completely cramped. Instantly making new friends with the strangers pressed up against you.

Lonely The Brave came on stage at 7:55pm sharp. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never seen them live before, but boy, they didn’t let me down at all.

Lonely the brave Scala London October 2014 The Blue The Green The Big Cheese Tour 2014

Front man David Jakes had me hooked from the very first lines of ‘Call Of Horses’, there surely is something special about his voice and the passion he sings with. Something captivating. He transports you to a certain place and time and makes damn sure you feel like you were there and experienced it all.

The guys gave us a great show, and one could tell that they were undoubtedly enjoying it. The crowd went wild multiple times as guitarist Mark Trotter screamed out that they were all so thankful for the support ‘Lonely The Brave’ were getting.

The atmosphere got really intense as the first chords of ‘The Blue, The Green’ were played. Everyone screamed their hearts out along the lines of ‘I wanna know what it’s like, so I can feel it inside’. What a powerful song.

Lonely the brave Scala London October 2014 Backroads The Big Cheese Tour 2014 The Big Cheese Tour 2014

Final song was, obviously, the glorious ‘Backroads’. The crowd went absolutely crazy, and the continuousΒ  moshing and jumping reached a new level. The entire place was screaming the lyrics and beautifully echoed David Jakes throughout the entire song.

What a way to finish a show. This definitely wasn’t the last time I’ve seen ‘Lonely The Brave’.

It was a pleasure guys.

Mels Jukebox

Sorry for the crappy pictures, but my camera thought it would be nice to die before the concert even started 😦


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